Terms and Conditions of Service

This Agreement is between ITSSN (IT Solutions & Services Network) and Client (as noted on the electronic order form) to provide media distribution and related services (the “Services”) on ITSSN’s network.


ITSSN provides domain registration, domain parking, website designing, eCommerce, web hosting, custom programming, scripting, shared and dedicated server, email services, ftp/data services, search engine listing, networking and consulting services.

ITSSN reserves the right to suspend or cancel any client’s access to any portion or all of ITSSN services, when ITSSN deems that the account has been used inappropriately. ITSSN reserves the right to refuse service and/or access to its servers to anyone.

User Policy

  1. ITSSN prohibits sites engaged in:
    • Illegal activities including but not limited to storing and/or distributing illegal copies of copyrighted software, warez sites, violations of copyrights and trademarks, violations of U.S. laws, selling and/or distributing illegal contraband.
    • Internet abuse including but not limited to spamming – mass unsolicited Emailing, distribution of mass emailing programs, cross-posting messages to a large number of usenet groups, posting obscene or inflammatory messages, threatening other Internet users, mail bombing Internet users, running packet sniffers or port scanners, spamming ITSSN support staff. Spammers are held responsible for a $500 clean up fee.
    • Systems abuse including but not limited to use of excessive CPU resources, use of excessive disk space, use of excessive email storage space, hacking our systems, installing continuously running programs, such as IRC bots, reselling CGI scripts.
    • Adult content
      The determination of what is “adult content” and prohibited shall be solely made by ITSSN.
  2. Policy Violation
    Should a policy violation occur, ITSSN reserves the right to terminate the account without notice and without any refunds. The policy-violating client will be held responsible for any damages to ITSSN, including but not limited to, ITSSN’s system, servers, connectivity, reputation, business, service, network, operations, or equipment. The policy violator may be charged a $500 clean up fee.
  3. Web Site Content
    The client is responsible for keeping a copy of their most current web site files as backup on a remote system (not on ITSSN servers). ITSSN is not responsible for any lost files, information, or data. ITSSN does not provide any file retrieval services.
  4. System Updates
    The client understands that system updates occur in real-time and as queued batch processes. For example, account passwords are currently updated as queued batch processes, therefore the update does not occur in the system instantaneously. ITSSN reserves the right to modify the processing times at any time without notice. If a client or ITSSN support personnel (when authorized by client) makes any modifications to a hosting account, the client is responsible to make sure these updates have occurred in our system.
  5. Technical Support

    • Free customer support is provided via email or through the online support center. Priority Level phone support is also available, please contact billing for phone support rate.

    • Technical support hours:
      24 hrs / 7 days a week via email.
      9:00 AM to 6:00 PM via Phone

    • Client agrees not to spam support.

    • If the web site is design by the client, there will be a fee of $25.00 – $50 per page for fixing the site.

      Graphics/Flash charges are separate.

      ASP + Database is charged per hour, please call for per hour rate.

    • ITSSN does provide web site design, custom programming and scripting, or web site consulting services. Check our Web Designing Section

  6. Payment Policy
    Setup Fee

    • The setup fee is required before your service is activated. If paying by check, you will have 7 days to remit payment before service is suspended.
    • The setup fee and domain name registration fee are non-refundable.
    • The minimum contract is 3 months.
    • We charge quarterly or  Yearly.
    • All services are on a quarterly (3 month) or annual (12 month) prepayment basis. There are no month-to-month prepayment programs.
    • Full payment of the setup fee and, if the account is not a transfer, the domain name registration fee, are required before any hosting service is rendered.
    • The initial 3 month or 1 year payment is billed at the time of signup. If you are paying by check, you have seven (7) days to remit payment before service is interrupted.
    • Annual prepayment receives a 5% discount on Some Promotional hosting fees.
    • The quarterly or annual prepayment is non-refundable and cannot be pro-rated.
    • If a client has chosen a quarterly prepayment option, prepayment is due at the beginning of each quarter (3 months), based on the date the account was established. If a client has chosen an annual prepayment option, prepayment is due at the beginning of each year (12 months), on the anniversary date the account was established. (If the account was established at the end of the month – the anniversary dates may be subject to adjustments, based on calendar months.)
    • If a client wishes to change from quarterly prepayment to annual prepayment or vice versa, they can queue themselves for the payment period switch through their account representative. The payment period changes only occur at the end of the current billing cycle.

    Payment Method – Checks/Money Orders

    • Checks and money order are made out to ITSSN. Print Domain Name/Billing ID Number/Invoice # on Check

      ITSSN mailing address is:

      Billing Dept.
      P. O. Box 291909
      Hollywood, CA 90029, USA

    • Client has seven (7) days to get payment to ITSSN after first email notification to the billing contact regarding setup of a new account or a renewal.

    • If payment is not received within seven (7) days of the anniversary date, the account is subject to suspension. If payment is still not received 21 days after the account has been suspended, the account will be cancelled.

    • If payment is not received on time, then the account is cancelled.

    • If a check is returned due to non-sufficient funds, there will be an additional processing fee of $20.00 (Twenty U.S. Dollars).

    Wire Transfers – A one-time $15 non-refundable fee is charged for each payment made by a wire transfer. Please contact the Billing Department.

    Policy Changes

    • ITSSN reserves the right to change prices at any time.
    • All monetary transactions will occur in $US dollars.
  7. Additional Features

    • Additional features such as disk space and email can be added at any time and are billed monthly/yearly depending on the package deal.
    • Monthly additional feature prices are not prorated.
    • Add on costs are non-refundable regardless of whether the service was used.
    • Payment for additional features can be made at any time by sending a check to ITSSN. If payment is not received on the 7th day from the date additional features were ordered, the account will be suspended. ITSSN will cancel an account if payment is not received by the 28th day from initial order date of the feature. Once checks are received, a credit will be applied toward the account to which the client can draw from in order to pay for add on features.
    • Client can request their Web site on CD or DVD or USB Drive.
      $125.00 per CD
      $150.00 per DVD
      $200.00 per UBS
    • Additional services will be activated when payment is received.
  8. Renewal and Billing Schedule
    ITSSN automatically renews your account based on your previous payment option. Those who have chosen the yearly payment option will automatically be renewed for another year unless ITSSN is contacted prior to the anniversary date of your service. The same schedule applies to those accounts that have opted for quarterly payment.
    Checks/Money Orders
    Checks or money orders are due within seven (7) days of the first notification. If after seven days payment is not received, the account is suspended. If payment is still not received 21 days after suspension, the account is cancelled for non-payment.
  9. Returned Checks: Non-Sufficient Funds
    If a check is returned, the client is subject to a $20 processing fee.
  10. Account Reactivation
    If an account was cancelled due to client request or billing issues and the client desires to reactivate the account, a non-refundable reactivation fee of $40.00 will be required prior to account reactivation. Accounts are reactivated after all outstanding charges are paid, including hosting fees, additional features, and NSF check processing fees.
    If your account has been cancelled for 30 days or more, it will be necessary for you to sign up the account for new service via our online order form. All fees, which are required for new sign up, are applicable. However, the reactivation fee of $40.00 does not apply.If an account was cancelled due to policy violation, ITSSN will not reactivate the account.

  11. Refund Policy

    • For new accounts, the set up fee is non-refundable.
    • The 3 month and 12 month prepayment for hosting is non-refundable.
    • If ITSSN terminates an account due to policy violation, there will be no refund. The policy violator may be charged a $200.00 clean up fee.
    • Monthly fees associated with additional features are non-refundable.

  12. Affiliate Program Policy

    • The ITSSN Affiliate Program allows clients and other affiliates of ITSSN to refer new accounts to us for a commission. A referred account is considered eligible for commission once the account has been active with ITSSN for more than 40 days.
    • For more information regarding affiliate commissions or the ITSSN Affiliate Program, please write to sales@itssn.com.
  13. Cancellation
    ITSSN reserves the right to terminate service at any time. If an account is terminated for a policy violation there will be no refund. ITSSN reserves the right to delete the policy violating web site content without notice.
    Customers can cancel service at any time. Cancellation requests should be sent via the postal mail, although email cancellations will also be accepted. Only authorized persons can cancel an account.If the client requests cancellation, their account will be terminated immediately unless they specifically state they wish the account to be cancelled at the end of the current billing cycle. If the client specifies immediate account termination or fails to define when the account should be cancelled, ITSSN reserves the right to terminate service and delete the web site contents without notice.

    The minimum information required to cancel and account are:

    • Specific reason for cancellation
    • User ID on file or account password (as validation to cancel account)
    • Domain name or client ID number (to positively identify the account to be cancelled) Cancellation requests emailed to ITSSN should be emailed to billing@itssn.com with the domain name of the account be cancelled in the subject line of the email. Refund policies (see Section 11) strictly apply to all cancelled accounts. If an account is cancelled due to non-payment, ITSSN reserves the right to delete the web site contents without notice.

  14. Indemnification
    Client agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless ITSSN against any liabilities arising out of defective products sold to customers from ITSSN servers, personal injury or property damage caused by products or services sold or distributed from ITSSN servers, any material that infringes or allegedly infringes on the rights of a third party available from ITSSN servers, and any material that libels or allegedly libels a third party available from ITSSN servers.
  15. Disclaimer
    ITSSN is not responsible for any damages to any client’s business. ITSSN makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied for services that we provide. Use of ITSSN’s web hosting and email service is at the client’s sole risk. ITSSN’s services are provided on an “as is, as available” basis.
    ITSSN does not guarantee that our services will be uninterrupted or error free. ITSSN will provide every effort in good faith to ensure that its services are available to as many Internet users as possible with minimal service interruptions.In no circumstance will ITSSN be liable for any claims resulting from the use or inability to use ITSSN’s services – including, but not limited to, service interruptions, client errors, Internet connectivity problems, miscommunications, unauthorized access to ITSSN servers, InterNIC problems, DNS caching, Internet bandwidth congestion, power failures, vandalism, and natural disasters.

  16. ITSSN (IT Solutions & Service Network) reserves the right to revise our policies at any time.